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    tability and continuity ▓of the country's foreign exchange management policy and safeguard market entities' legitimate and reasonable demands for using foreign currencies.▓More efforts will be made to ▓deepen the reform and ope▓ning up in the ▓field of foreign excha▓nge, promote the liber▓alization and facilitat

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  • valuation of China's trading partners, which w

    ion o▓f cross-border trade and i▓nvestment and better serve the real economy and the country's comprehensive opening▓ up, Yi pledged▓.Please scan the ▓QR Code to follow us▓ on InstagramPl▓ease scan the QR Code to follow us ▓on WechatChina re▓grets U.S. decision to labe▓l China currency manipulatorChina regrets U.

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    S. de▓cision to label China currency manipulatorChina reg▓rets U.S. decision to label ▓China currency m▓anipulator08-06-2019 17:18 BJTBEIJING, Aug. 6 -- China deeply regrets the U.S▓. Treasury's decision to label China "a currency manipulator," the People's B▓ank of China said Tuesday.Such a labe▓l on China does n

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ot mee▓t the quantitative criteria for the so-called "▓currency manipulator" set by the U.S. Tre



asury, the central bank said in a statement.The U.S. labeling is an ▓arbitrary unilateral

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and abide b▓y a market-deter

icantl▓y impact the global economy and financial markets, it said.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on Wechat

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change rate system, APR

the PBOC governor Yi Gang sa

US buck passing ▓strategy offers no way forwardUS buck passing st▓rategy offers no way forwardUS buck passi▓ng strategy offers no way forward08-06-2019 09:21 BJTPl

id Monday.
xchange rates in handling external uncer▓tainties such as trade disputes, Yi said.Looking▓ ahead, Yi stress
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